Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats – Used Boat Sales

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats offers a wide selection of the latest models coming from some of the most proven, reliable, and durable boats in the world. Its sales staff “know what people expect from their boats and how they should run and handle.” This goes for its team of technicians as well, who benefit from years of experience working on boats and helping customers and pass that benefit onto you. Tom-N-Jerry’s offers excellent deals and specials on brand new boats as well as a huge selection of used boats all tested and maintained by an expert team of technicians.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats’ staff and owners know, from experiences of their own and from what they’ve read and heard, that some used boats, just like cars, are better than. This is why people sometimes avoid buying boats off of services and websites like Craig’s List and from other unlicensed dealers altogether. Tom-N-Jerry’s makes sure that all of their boats and products are top-quality and run correctly. They know exactly how all of their boats and models should run on the water. For decades, customers throughout western Washington have trusted in the expertise and experience of all of the Tom-N-Jerry’s boat center staff of technicians and sales professionals.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats continues to offer a wide range of used boats because they can stand by each and every one of them. For a small business like Tom-N-Jerry’s, word of mouth is everything. They have to maintain their excellent reputation in the community by working hard on bringing the best products to all of their customers for great prices.


Tom-N-Jerrys Boats Discusses Proper Battery Care and Fire Safety

A common issue that boaters face while trying to enjoy a day on the water, according to Tom-N-Jerrys Boats, is a lack of battery preparation. To avoid the hassle and frustration of calling it an early day, follow these battery tips.

In your emergency pack, which should be kept in a watertight container, you should always have spare batteries. This means batteries for your portable navigation devices, hand held radios, flashlights, or any other on-board accessories that require battery power. If you use rechargeable batteries in your devices, don’t forget to charge them before you leave dock. If you have not been out on your boat for a while, or cannot remember when you last used your battery operated devices, check their charges before you leave. Sitting unused for long periods of time can lead to drained batteries or batteries that have corroded. Better to be safe than sorry, replace those batteries before setting out.

If you use a dual charging system on your vessel, check that the selector switch on the unit is in the right position. Having the wrong charging option selected can lead to problems with charges that leave you stranded. Also, always make sure that the power is working to every part of your boat.

The crew at Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center would also like to remind everyone that you should have one working fire extinguisher on every boat. When batteries are faulty, they can cause a spark, and you will want a quick way to prevent a fire.


Tom-N-Jerrys Boats – The Secret to Great Customer Service

Having been in the marine services industry for more than 40 years, the team at Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center know a thing or two about providing great customer service. All of the following should help any new store, be it marine or otherwise, that is struggling to keep customers happy.


When it comes to customer service, it is vital that staff members have all of the knowledge they need in order to provide the service that customers expect when they walk through the door. Make sure to provide proper training and ideally hire people who have a genuine interest in the service that you provide. This way, they will be motivated to update and maintain their level of knowledge, which will ensure they are abler to help customers.


Customer service, at its core, is all about communication. Staff should be able to listen properly to the customer’s issues, before communicating a solution to them in a clear, concise and, most importantly, polite manner. When speaking to a customer, maintain a positive focus and try to resolve every issue that you possibly can. It is also a good idea to end the conversation by confirming that the customer is satisfied, usually by asking if there is anything else you can help with.

Don’t Take It Personally

Everybody who works in customer service is occasionally going to find themselves in a situation where they are dealing with a frustrated customer, no matter how good a job they are doing. In these instances, Tom-N-Jerrys Boats believes it is important for staff to have a thick skin and the ability to not take it personally. One bad experience should not affect the service they provide afterwards.