Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center Inc.: Buying Your First Boat

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center Inc. is a time-tested marine sales and service dealer with happy, boat-crazy customers from around the world.

Though Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center earned a large part of its reputation from seasoned fishermen and women who love the experienced staff at the company, the company also wows newcomers looking to buy their first boat.

If you’re buying your first boat, a company like Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center can help get you on the water in no time, especially if you research points like those below:

Type of Boat. Buying a boat is like buying a car – you need to know what you want. If you buy a random vehicle, you might find yourself with a half-ton truck when you’re a sports car person, and the same is true for boats.

Familiarize yourself with the dozens of types of boats available and learn what they’re made for. The design of fishing boats, for example, enables the angler to move about the craft and fight the fish when necessary.

Once you decide on a type of boat, you also need to examine sub-types. Fishing boats, following the previous example, come in all sizes, for a variety of purposes.

New or Used. You also need to decide if you’re in the market for a new boat or a used boat. Generally, first-time buyers are encouraged to grab a used boat to minimize your risk, should you decide that boating isn’t right for you.

This isn’t always best, though, and you’ll need to consider how knowledgeable, passionate and prepared you are for the hobby to make your choice.

To reach out to Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center Inc. for assistance in the purchase of your first boat, or just to browse the company’s selection to get a leg up on your research, head to