Tom-N-Jerrys Boats – Useful Boat Maintenance Tips

While the team at Tom-N-Jerrys Boats is able to provide expert boat maintenance for a wide variety of different makes, they also understand the importance of boat owners doing what they can to ensure their vessels stay in good shape. There are a number of useful tips that people can keep in mind if they want to keep their vessels in great condition for longer, including all of the following.

Use Anti-Fouling Paint

A lot of new boat owners underestimate the importance of good anti-fouling paint when it comes to ensuring their ships’ hulls are kept in good condition. By applying fresh coats of paint regularly, you can decrease the accumulation of grime on the boat, which increases performance and fuel efficiency when you are out on the water.

Do Pre-Sailing Checks

Before you take your boat out onto the water, you should always take a little bit of time to conduct pre-sailing checks. Examine the body of the boat to see if there are any signs of wear or cracks that might affect you when you are out on the water. You should also test your instruments and radio regularly so that you are as safe as possible when sailing.

Wash The Boat

Tom-N-Jerrys Boats Center notes that it is important that you wash your boat regularly so that you can clean off any sediment and saltwater that could serve to corrode the exterior, which will cause issues later on. Use fresh water and dedicated boat soaps and cleaners to make sure the boat stays in great condition for longer.


Tom-N-Jerrys Boats – How To Create A Strong Business Plan

The current owner of Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center has undergone extensive training to ensure that the company is able to provide quality service to clients, while also handling all of the financial and administrative issues that are related to business. This requires the creation of strong business plans, so consider all of the below tips if this is an area where you find that your company struggles.

Be Concise

While you should aim to make your business plan as informative as possible, you also need to understand when you are providing too much data. Packing your plan with useless information will only serve to obscure the main points that the plan should be focusing on, so make sure that all information serves a purpose in the context of the plan.

Consider The Competition

Every business plan should place some focus on the competition, regardless of whether you have just start out or have been in business for ten years. Look into what your competitors are offering to their customers and how this differs from what you are doing. Furthermore, you should also consider your own unique selling points and how they will help you to attract various revenue streams.

Check The Sums

Tom-N-Jerrys Boats owner understands the importance of accurate financial information if a business is going to experience long-term success. Your business plan will likely contain a lot of sums related to your budget, income streams and expenses. It is crucial that you check this figures multiple times to ensure that they are accurate.