Tom-N-Jerrys Boats – The Secret to Great Customer Service

Having been in the marine services industry for more than 40 years, the team at Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center know a thing or two about providing great customer service. All of the following should help any new store, be it marine or otherwise, that is struggling to keep customers happy.


When it comes to customer service, it is vital that staff members have all of the knowledge they need in order to provide the service that customers expect when they walk through the door. Make sure to provide proper training and ideally hire people who have a genuine interest in the service that you provide. This way, they will be motivated to update and maintain their level of knowledge, which will ensure they are abler to help customers.


Customer service, at its core, is all about communication. Staff should be able to listen properly to the customer’s issues, before communicating a solution to them in a clear, concise and, most importantly, polite manner. When speaking to a customer, maintain a positive focus and try to resolve every issue that you possibly can. It is also a good idea to end the conversation by confirming that the customer is satisfied, usually by asking if there is anything else you can help with.

Don’t Take It Personally

Everybody who works in customer service is occasionally going to find themselves in a situation where they are dealing with a frustrated customer, no matter how good a job they are doing. In these instances, Tom-N-Jerrys Boats believes it is important for staff to have a thick skin and the ability to not take it personally. One bad experience should not affect the service they provide afterwards.