Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center Inc.: Buying Your First Boat

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center Inc. is a time-tested marine sales and service dealer with happy, boat-crazy customers from around the world.

Though Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center earned a large part of its reputation from seasoned fishermen and women who love the experienced staff at the company, the company also wows newcomers looking to buy their first boat.

If you’re buying your first boat, a company like Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center can help get you on the water in no time, especially if you research points like those below:

Type of Boat. Buying a boat is like buying a car – you need to know what you want. If you buy a random vehicle, you might find yourself with a half-ton truck when you’re a sports car person, and the same is true for boats.

Familiarize yourself with the dozens of types of boats available and learn what they’re made for. The design of fishing boats, for example, enables the angler to move about the craft and fight the fish when necessary.

Once you decide on a type of boat, you also need to examine sub-types. Fishing boats, following the previous example, come in all sizes, for a variety of purposes.

New or Used. You also need to decide if you’re in the market for a new boat or a used boat. Generally, first-time buyers are encouraged to grab a used boat to minimize your risk, should you decide that boating isn’t right for you.

This isn’t always best, though, and you’ll need to consider how knowledgeable, passionate and prepared you are for the hobby to make your choice.

To reach out to Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center Inc. for assistance in the purchase of your first boat, or just to browse the company’s selection to get a leg up on your research, head to


Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats – Used Boat Sales

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats offers a wide selection of the latest models coming from some of the most proven, reliable, and durable boats in the world. Its sales staff “know what people expect from their boats and how they should run and handle.” This goes for its team of technicians as well, who benefit from years of experience working on boats and helping customers and pass that benefit onto you. Tom-N-Jerry’s offers excellent deals and specials on brand new boats as well as a huge selection of used boats all tested and maintained by an expert team of technicians.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats’ staff and owners know, from experiences of their own and from what they’ve read and heard, that some used boats, just like cars, are better than. This is why people sometimes avoid buying boats off of services and websites like Craig’s List and from other unlicensed dealers altogether. Tom-N-Jerry’s makes sure that all of their boats and products are top-quality and run correctly. They know exactly how all of their boats and models should run on the water. For decades, customers throughout western Washington have trusted in the expertise and experience of all of the Tom-N-Jerry’s boat center staff of technicians and sales professionals.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats continues to offer a wide range of used boats because they can stand by each and every one of them. For a small business like Tom-N-Jerry’s, word of mouth is everything. They have to maintain their excellent reputation in the community by working hard on bringing the best products to all of their customers for great prices.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats – Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before You get Boat Anti-Fouling Paint

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats offers not only a huge selection of water crafts, motors, and boating accessories to all of its patients northwest Washington, it also employs a highly-trained staff of technicians and other experts ready to help repair your boat or boat motors, as well as perform preventative maintenance to avoid costly problems later. Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center also sells a wide range of preventative products, such as anti-fouling paint. Here are three questions you’ll like to come across when you’re looking for boat anti-fouling paint:

  • Are you painting over a sterndrive or an aluminum hull? The surface where you plan to apply the paint matters as much as the paint itself. You’ll want to use paint with zinc or copper thiocyanate biocides. Paints with cuprous oxide can’t be used on aluminum hulls because they will wash off.
  • Do you want bright colors? If color isn’t necessarily the way you want to show your boat off, you can get paints with different chemicals that protect the hull. If you want bright colors, Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats has a wide arrangement of many different paints that have copper thiocyanate biocide to spice up your boat without losing the paint.
  • Is your favorite boating spot full of slime? Sometimes slimy waters, especially near the shore, are par for the course. In this instance, you’ll need boat anti-fouling paint that with slime-reducing additives like zinc pyrithione.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats has a huge selection of anti-fouling boat paints to help you protect the surfaces of your hull and more available for competitive prices.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats – EZ Load Boat Trailer Dealer

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats is a certified EZ Load boat trailer dealer and boating superstore located in Mount Vernon, Washington, about an hour north of Seattle and an hour south of the Canadian border and the road to Vancouver, British Columbia. People from miles around come to Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center to get the best in boating service, products, and know-how from a team of experienced and knowledgeable boating experts. Almost all of the sales staff at Tom-N-Jerry’s have been working on boats for decades, some have been on their boats for every day for decades. With this skill and experience backing up everything they sell at Tom-N-Jerry’s, customers have come to expect excellence in all of the products they sell, including EZ Loader boat trailers.

EZ Loader boat trailers come in adjustable and custom models designed to fit all vehicles to make it easier to bring boats to the water from long or short distances. EZ Loaders are known for their high-quality in design, from their galvanized aluminum and powder-coated finishes and their ability to carry from one thousand pounds to fifteen thousand pounds of weight, making them reliable and sturdy enough to haul the largest boats to and from the docks with no problems. The last thing you want when hauling your boat to and from the water is to have to worry about your car stalling out, or worse, your boat getting damaged or even detached midway through. Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats has the best products to ensure this never happens after you get your boat.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats has a wide selection of boats and boat accessories.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats – Boats and Accessories for All

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats has a staff of trained and specialized customer service agents, all of whom have many years of experience living, working, and playing on boats in all kinds of water. They are not trained to sell everything, only the boats they are passionate and knowledgeable about. Tom-N-Jerry’s has all of the supplies and the boats themselves for the most serious boaters. Located in Mount Vernon, Washington, next to the San Juan Islands and Puget Sound, Tom-N-Jerry’s is perfectly located to help its customers find what they are looking for. Most of the staff spends most of their days on the water, and some have almost 35 years of experience captaining many kinds of boats. They are ready to share this knowledge with their customers and everyone who visits their shop near the waters of Puget Sound.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats offers boating enthusiasts many services in addition to boat sales, including services for all major outboard and inboard motors, which can be used on a wide variety of smaller crafts. Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center has a staff of technicians who have experience in working on these motors and know how they are supposed to work on small craft in many kinds of marine settings. Also available at Tom-N-Jerry’s are EZ Loader trailers, perfect for hauling their customers’ boats to and from their next marine adventure on the water. These EZ Loader trailers are a convenient add-on for those who have already bought their boats at Tom-N-Jerry’s or elsewhere.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats also offers customers excellent deals on trailer brake services to help keep their customers and their families safe when they’re hauling boats to the water. Brake services usually need to be done quickly and sometimes those who need them don’t know they need work done until it becomes painfully obvious. No matter, Tom-N-Jerry’s features technicians and mechanics who can solve these problems quickly and easily while their customers wait. People traveling from all over the area marvel at the fast service they receive when they need it most. For the boats themselves, Tom-N-Jerry’s offers excellent deals and products for boat anti-fouling paint to help protect the hull from contaminating or even corrosive materials in the water or when their customers are taking their boat to the next destination.

Tom-N-Jerrys Boats provides these services to all of its customers and those just passing through to help everyone enjoy their time on the water as much as possible. All of its employees are trained to help people find as much information as possible before they make their final decision on their next boating purchase. They are also there for the benefit of all boaters with all kinds of experience levels so they can be safe and sound on all kinds of marine and freshwater environments.

Tom-N-Jerrys Boats – Tips For Maintaining An Outboard Motor

Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center sells a wide range of vessels from many manufacturers, including Hewescraft, Kingfisher, Yamaha and Honda. Many of their boats make use of outboard motors that need to be maintained properly if they are to perform to high standards. This can often be done by the boat owner, so consider all of the following tips to ensure your outboard motors stay in good shape.

Flush Out The Engine

The first thing that you should do when you get the boat home at the end of a sailing trip is flush the engine out so that you can get rid of any water that might cause issues. This is especially important if you have been boating on saltwater, as the salt may end up corroding the engine, leading to breakdowns and other problems. Make this a part of your regular routine when you return home.

Disconnect The Fuel Line

If you don’t intend to take the boat out again for a while, it is a good idea to disconnect the fuel line and give it a clean. Leaving it in place may lead to old fuel slowly going bad in the line, which results in it getting gummed up to the point where it struggles to provide the motor with the fuel it needs to get the boat moving again later on.

Wipe Down Accessible Parts

Tom-N-Jerrys Boats points out that all accessible parts should be wiped down with an anti-corrosive agent after each trip, as this will protect them from the rigors of your voyages while also ensuring that they don’t succumb to wear and tear when in storage.

Tom-N-Jerrys Boats – Tips For Docking A Boat

Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center has experienced success in the industry for around forty years because the company has focused on offering information, as well as quality products and services, to their customers. They pay particular attention to helping those who are new to boating get to grips with the activity and recognize that docking is something that many people struggle with. The following tips should help anybody who wants to stay safe while they dock their boats.

Take It Slow

While you may have been able to let loose and really push your vessel when it was out on the water, trying to dock too quickly will lead to accidents happening. Slow your boat down to a crawl and focus on accuracy in steering. Don’t worry about those around you, instead keeping your focus on getting your boat where it needs to be.

Always Look Where You’re Going

Whether you have never docked a boat before or you have done it a hundred times, you should always keep an eye on your surroundings and look where you are going. If you get too complacent when docking, you may end up hitting stray mooring lines or colliding with other boats. Again, the need to focus should be emphasized, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Abort If It Goes Badly

Tom-N-Jerrys Boats notes that if your approach is going badly, there is no shame in aborting the attempt and trying again. It is much better to get it right at the second time of asking than to keep pushing forward with the first attempt to the point that you cause an accident.